Back from the GNiales in Paris

I was there to animate a Special Effects workshop for the occasion.

Besides visiting the tube station “Arts & Métiers” (The picture upside :) I went for The GNiales, a fantastic LARP convention! A project that I particularly love… A weekend where French larpers can meet, share, exchange, around there common passion, LARP!

Despite “last minute technical glitches”, understand “$!% postmen which did not always delivered the mail I was expected for, that I based on 75% of my workshop”, and after a big blow to stress that forced me to think my workshop twice and redo my FX program at the last minute, reduce it to one hour, it finally went well!

And I’m back with new techniques that I’ll try for you in the coming weeks, as the acrylic resin (presented by the talented Nicolas Penel).

Did I tell you that every GNiales is an opportunity for me to offer you downloadable data sheets ready to print?

Special Effects Workshop Program:

- DIY, make accessories in seconds! (Yes, you can!)
- Make a fire without flame (Fake Fire)
- Making smoke without fire
- Make a flickering light box
- Robots and LARPs (fun approach to boost your galactic LARP)
- How to build and adapt a hidden passage to any LARP place for a tiny budget
- And finally update the “control tools in LARP”
GNiales makes me thinking of two new stuff, actually three, but the latter will doubtless be a surprise :)

-Conduct workshops (like one per quarter) with people interested, like “You come, you learn “how to”, and you leave with the items you’ve created).
- Hold a joint workshop next year with my friends Christophe (pyrotechnics) and Nicolas (creator of objects).

If you are interested in this kind of workshops, please leave me a little comment!

  1. Tout dépend de la date et du lieu mais moi ça m’intéresse bien ces ateliers. Vu que j’adoooore ce que vous faites monsieur.

  2. Moi aussi je suis très intéressé par ce genre d’atelier et pour y envoyer les orgas de mon asso.

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