A modular secret passage

Where you pull a book from the library to open a backdoor.

What if we canconstruct a secret passage easy to install on our LARP places or at home?

Description of the effect

The player goes to the fireplace, and presses a button, a door opens and takes him to a secret room … A library? Behind this book a kind of handle, that hide a hidden laboratory!

Nice idea!

Well! How many times have we secretly dreamed of finding a place including secret passage! It exists, but it’s very rare… So much you install one yourself! Yes, you will find that this can be possible, cheap and easy! Finally, the best, your secret passage will have every opportunity to adapt to 75% of your future gaming places!

How it work

Library hidden passage

If there’s a rare thing pretty standard in place, it’s the doors! They might be made of different materials, different colors, but they all have roughly the same size, with hinges at the same places: 73cm x 204cm.
While most doors are quite expensive, this is not the case for all. Isoplan doors (sort of honeycombed cardboard covered with a thin coat of painted wood) have the advantage of being very light and costs only € 21.85 (cheapest price, at Leroy Merlin, famous Hardware store in France).
The idea is to replace the existing door of a room by another one disguised as something else, a bookcase, a fireplace, a column with a statue, a poster, a galactic panel, anything that fit into the decor of the game…


  • A door! The cheapest is the best (unless you want to mount up to a sixty euros in order to have a secret passage in pine, which will last very long, or more simply that bear heavy objects you may be nails on it.
  • Something to hide it. You can use an existing cabinet, a cheap bookcase found in a second hand store. You can use pieces of wood and some plastic imitation marble to make a fireplace. You can simply hang a large poster, use large TV polystyrene recycled to produce a space panel panel for your galactic station on a huge control panel for your Steampunk LARP.
  • Standard tools (drill, screwdriver, jigsaw, etc…)
  • A bit of creativity et d’inventiveness.


The principle is very simple. Just make up the door… It’s the realization that is more complicated … You have to think about various parameters:
- What part will I choose to mount a secret passage.
- Which way my door opens.
- Do I have enought space to mount up lots of depth on my door.
- What method do I use to trigger the door…
Of course, the ideal is that the secret room has only one gateway and that’s does not seem too obvious to find. So, no secret passageway on one of the 5 doors of the corridor that are perfectly equidistant aligned from each other, otherwise your players will ask themselves why there is a bookcase in the hallway flanked by doors …
If your door opens into the secret room, you must make a thick makeup, otherwise it will not open! However, you can cut a piece of the door to make a trap (in the bottom of a fireplace, for example).
To open the door, you can hide a nice little round door knob, you can tinker something with string and pulley to open the door, or more stylish ride, an electric lock, and deport the button somewhere hide.

Hidden Passage - fireplace Version

Suggestions have

They’re a lots of possibilities, in addition to appealing to the collective imagination, and create the dream, it brings a real mechanical extra fun to your LARP! Be creative and send me your achievement on Cré’à’Vapeur!

- Website of a professional manufacturer of secret passages
- Download this article (French version)
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  1. tres bon article, mais dommage que vous ne citiez pas un fabricant pro en france

  2. En voici un !!! http://www.passagessecrets.fr
    Ca a l’air très excitant tout ca…

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