Meuble d'apothicaire
Create an apothecary cupboard

I just moved, then, inevitably, I have to buy furniture … or not!

It’s been a while since I had not made a ticket about my mood on Cré’à’Vapeur, must say, I was moving to my new life in Paris!
And who said move, said quantity of widgets and stuff to move and store! And that’s where the problem starts … Find a cabinet large enough to store all these things without breaking the aesthetics of the apartment (so stately building of the last century) …

I always wanted to find a beautiful apothecary cupboard : it’s beautiful, it’s fine for storing… …and it is especially expensive!
So, let’s find old drawers, a trip to a nearby hardware stores for plywood, and a bit of nails, and a weekend and two people (my sweet and myself) later, here is what happens on paper!

Illustration of the apothecary cabinet

Illustration of the apothecary cabinet

To avoid the beveled wood corners rather unsightly, I add a bottom shelf.
And once the realization’s over, here’s the result, all for less than $200:

The apothecary cabinet

The apothecary cabinet

Okay, well now I have 29 drawers full of bric a brac and 11 shelves of books, findings, etc. It only remains to make it all “smart”, ie integrated a steampunk lighting system to highlight the objects, and make it remotely usefull…
The end in the next episode!

Feel free to tell me what you think about it!
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  1. Je suis fan! Bravo Nico! On risque de te passer commande ;)

  2. Rah MAGNIFIQUE! Jte file 300e, tu me fais le même?
    Y’a un business là!!! Je veux! Je veux!

  3. Je n’ai qu’un truc à dire :
    C’est génial !

    Ah non, j’ai un deuxieme truc à dire :
    T’es sur PARIS !!!! Prépare toi à te faire LITTÉRALEMENT harceler !

  4. T’es taré, Nico, et probablement à cause de cela, tu fais des trucs terribles ! ^_^

  5. C’est superbement superbe
    Vraiment du beau travail

  6. C’est superbe! Le grain de bois est très joli et le montage est impec: bravo!

  7. magnifique réalistation, tu serais aussi faire un “gun cabinet” discret derriere les rayonnages de bibli?

  8. Mon rêve ce serait de créer un cabinet de curiosités ….Donc j’en redemande!

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