Cre’à’vapeur – Le Shop : open!

Discover a new service: the store of Cre’à’vapeur!

In addition to the tutorials that will continue to be published on this site, this shop was born from the desire to produce affordable, and often in mass, objects of all kinds for fans or LARPers.
Friends, if you are looking for technical solutions to logistical problems, this shop might be for you! I do not forget the LARPers or fans, who can also order unique pieces or use the customized solutions. The first items listed are the realization of a long-term project: the rotary coded locks. Other eclectic creations will follow very quickly. Chests, jewelry, RFID, unique pieces are on their way …

-> Le Shop :

Want to take your hands the object of your dreams? We can create customized props according to your wishes. To do this, simply fill out the form for the award of quote on Le Shop.

See you soon on the store!

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