Harry Potter props ideas

Prop ideas based on new Harry Potter products and toys

I love the Harry Potter universe! It is not only vaste, but mostly it’s an opportunity to make objects of ordinary appearances, doing extraordinary things!

As you have probably followed, I had tried to make a chest “lock built-in magic” … But since many companies have embarked on mass production of objects from the universe of Harry , and when I say “mass production”, I mean “lower costs” and think about various use of them!

Usually I post in the Twitter or Facebook’s thread to list object found here and there … Today, I prefer to create a separate article to do a non-exhaustive inventory of the finds on this topic …

I therefore propose to make one small point about news and ideas that you can draw …

The wand with voice recognition

When I worked on the chest, the first time, I thought coupled with the movement of the wand, the proper pronunciation of the “spell” concerned… But in the end, I abandoned the idea because of the cost and the difficulty to create a Speech Recognition system… The fallback would be to use a computer hidden in the room, and better, in the trunk, to manage the recognition … You can imagine the weight, volume and cost of the chest would have had to endure! It is only really mass production that could save us… But it was almost difficult to find a product that recognizes Harry Potter’s spells!
Now it’s done! The famous toy manufacturer, Tomy, offers a wand-like Harry Potter or Hermione Granger becomes flashlight when you utter the phrase “Lumos” and turns off when you say “Nox!”. So I have not tested this rod, but ThinkGeek has done for us, and approves the subject … But beware of the object’s design … It’s ugly, it is VERY ugly! We must redesign it!

DIY ideas

  • On “LUMOS” or “NOX” spell, a whole room lights on or off
    Disassembling the wand, and we keep only the electronics. By “amplifying” the DEL output using a transistor and a relay, we can order the AC current.

- At ThinkGeek ($15.99 actually out of stock)
- Start at $18.60 at Amazon

The Wand War

I confess I do not know what to say about these battle Wands made by Tomy… I’ve to test them before, to see what happens … It really seems to be based on a lasertag method, that enables duels with infrared pistols… But where’s the receiver? In the wand? Finally, the manufacturer promises four battle modes, the tip of the wand that lights up when you cast a spell, the movie’s sound effects (which look very naughty!) And 4 wand design: Voldemort, Harry, Hermione and Ron.

DIY ideas

  • Surely a quantity of LARP opportunities with this…
    But in fact, I think we expect to have actually tested all this … Well, one could imagine propose an tricky LARP prop, which cost them life points to players, or upside down…

- At ThinkGeek ($22.99. Out of stock for the moment)

Light on and off a candle with your wand

Immediately, it types into the more upscale. Indeed, the manufacturer of that wand is Kimera. The very one to whom we owe the (expensive) remote control wand! This wand (very nice, no need to retouch!) comes with a candle-mail (true imitation candle). This new version provides the following functions:

  • Lighting the candle by a movement of the wand.
  • A movement flick the light of the candle as if it were true.
  • A movement to shut down the candle.
  • You can turn it off by blowing directly onto the candle, like a true one!
  • A timer is included, which automatically extinguish the candle after one hour.

More than two times cheaper than the “full” version, you have a beautiful object which is usable as it onto your LARP or with your Harry Potter costume! The possibilities offered by this object are incredible, especially as not one but two objects that we could control!

Idées de détournement.

  • An Harry Potter chest of course!
    The same as here, but MUCH a little cheaper, because they sells the bundle, the wand, but also the integrated infrared receiver. A hudge economy and less difficulty.
  • Your living room that lights up in a gesture.
    Same principle as the speech recognition wand upside.
  • An evolved wand’s duel
    On the Chifoumi’s principle. After all, this wand has three distinct movement, therefore, three different infrared codes. By tinkering with a receptor on wand holders (from the candle), we could imagine a duel (A wins on B, that wins on C, that beats A).

- The official webpage on the candle and wand pack.
- 28,94€ at LoveMemory
Around £28 at amazon.co.uk

The Sorting Hat puppet

That Sorting Hat, in addition to being aesthetically well done, has a puppet pocket so you can make him talk. It is not very expensive and will fits easily into your home decor or Harry Potter LARPs. But we’ll try to go further and to animate it as well! In the video below, you will find the hat in question that an American guy has tinkered.

Idées de détournement.

  • The “Allmost true Sorting Hat”
    Not easy to make… But, with the help of an arduino, some little servomotors and a little speaker, the hat could come alive, using some remote control…
  • Le “TRUE Sorting Hat”
    As before, but adding another toy, the StarWars Force Trainer to retrieve the brain waves of the wearer, and, using some nice calibration, make the sorting hat “choose” the good one of the four schoolhouses the wearer think of! Said like that, it seems like science fiction, or rather, magic, but it’s true!

- 28,90 € at Ludybay

The Monster Book of Monsters

Made by Tomy, this is the Monster Book of Monsters, walked straight out of Episode 3. This toy has the following features:

  • The book is very realistic.
  • It opens if you caress it the edge after the right combination (from top to bottom, bottom to top, then two times up and down, for example).
  • You can change the combination.
  • Inside the book is actually a box.
  • If this is the right combination, the book hums.
  • If you enter the wrong combination, the book come alive growls and teeth.

Idées de détournement.

  • Increase the animation effect
    What it really lacks in this book is the moving result… I think, with a base of small remote controlled car or a toy of the same type, you can! But, in my opinion, the ideal is to mount a big fat vibrating (which is nothing other than a motor with a weight off axis) inside the book, in case of wrong combination, the book tremble in all directions, especially in the hand of its wearer … LARP Thrills guaranteed!

Came out in november, novembre 2010 and already sold out!
- You can find it at Argos, in Great-Britain, at the price of £22.52

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