Sci-Fi Danger!

Will you have nerves strong enough?

What a complex object!
This is a prop for an events society, La Boite de Pan, which wanted to make something fun in the Sci-Fi world populated by warriors with lightsabers.

Something fun, visual, imposing, where players have to “live” experience of a deminer who has strong nerves to avoid catastrophe. To do this, participants will work together and have a chance to experience success in a time specified.

So these are several fun activities that are complementary gathered here. And to do this, a large number of electronic functions! For info, this object together six microcontrollers,, all kinds of sensors, electromechanical systems, 6 sound sources (8bit synthesis, buzzer, MP3 player custom built, etc …), and of course, a large number of LEDs, which lot of power LEDs.

The challenge was met through a new collaboration Cré’à’VapeurPetites-Curiosités!

Below the teaser of the event, but above all, sign up for the activity and enjoy, Galactic Adventure, and you will play with him, and many other incredible and immersive fun activity!

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